About UThinkImYung

William Velasco Villa is a multifaceted artist whose work encompasses painting, photography, and music. His art is characterized by vibrant, evocative imagery that captures the essence of different cultures and emotions, often presented as framed posters and canvasses along with spoken word and poetry. UThinkImYung's music, available on major platforms like iTunes, complements their visual art with a unique auditory experience.

The name "UThinkImYung" reflects a philosophy of eternal youthfulness and a commitment to trusting one's imagination. This creative mindset drives the artist's exploration and innovation across various mediums.

Dedicated to giving back to the community, William donates 15% of revenue from UThinkImYung's art sales to Club Athletico Parceiros, a soccer club in San Francisco. This contribution helps children afford to play soccer, promoting their physical and personal development through sports.